Appropriate Preposition

Sl Word Meaning Syntax
1 Access to প্রবেশাধিকার Liton has an easy access to the ministry.
2 Absent from অনুপস্থিত He is absent from Sunday.
3 Acquaintance with পরিচয় I was glad to make acquaintance with Mahabub.
4 Addiction to মন্দ কাজে আসক্তি Harun has an addiction to wine.
5 Affection for স্নেহ Every mother has affection for her child.
6 Antipathy to বিতৃষ্ণা She has an antipathy to formal life.
7 Ambition for উচ্চাকাঙ্খা Everyone has an ambition for fame.
8 Apology for প্রবণতা She has an apology for to enjoy music.
9 Appology for অজুহাত He begged apology for his impudence.
10 Appetite for ক্ষুধা The man has no appetite for food now.
11 Attention to মনোযোগ Student should give attention for there lesson.
12 Authority over আধিপত্য He has an authority over the office.
13 Authority for প্রমান The police did not find any authority for the murder.
14 Aversion to বিতৃষ্ণা Monir has aversion to learning.
15 Bar to প্রতিবন্ধক Poverty is a bar to the progress of the country.
16 Candidate for প্রার্থী Hasan is a candidate for the post.
17 Cause for কারণ I do not see ant cause for your anxiety.
18 Cause of কারণ I know the cause of his failure.
19 Caution against সাবধানতা Inform others caution against the demerits of smoking.
20 Claim to দাবি The girl raised a claim to her mother’s property.
21 Clue to অনুসন্ধানের সুতা The policeman found a clue to the murder
22 Comment on মন্তব্য We should not make any bad comments on our religion.
23 Contempt for ঘৃণা She has a contempt for smoking.
24 Contempt of আইন অমান্য The man was charged with the contempt of court.
25 Contrast with বিপরীত His wards are in contrast with his deeds.
26 Control over কর্তৃত্ব Rafiq has a control over his office.
27 Compensation for ক্ষতিপূরণ You have to make compensation for the loss.
28 Delight in আনন্দ He found a great delight in the matter.
29 Desire for অভিলাষ  Everyone has a desire for fame.
30 Distaste for বিতৃষ্ণা He has no distaste for art.
31 Dispute about বিতর্ক The politician raised a dispute about the issue.
32 Eagerness for আগ্রহ Alam had eagerness for poetry.
33 Enmity with শত্রুতা I have no enmity with him.
34 Envy at ঈর্ষা Juthi envied at the success for her sister.
35 Esteem for শ্রদ্ধা Every one should have a esteem for religion.
36 Exception to ব্যতিক্রম There is no exception to the rule.
37 Escape form পরিত্রাণ Nobody has escape from the death
38 Excuse for অজুহাত The man showed an excuse for being late.
39 Faith in বিশ্বাস Every religious mind has a faith in God.
40 Familiarity with পরিচিত His familiarity with the locality is amazing.
41 Fondness for অনুরাগ Every husband has fondness for his wife.
42 Guarantee for নিশ্চয়তা He gives on one year guarantee for its longevity.
43 Heir to উত্তরাধিকারী Jui is the only heir to the property of her father.
44 Hope of আশা There is a hope of success.
45 Hope for প্রত্যাশা Every one hopes for a better day.
46 Heed to মনোযোগ Every student should pay heed to the teacher’s word.
47 Influence over কতৃত্ব Khalek has no influence over the office.
48 Influence with প্রভাব Mamun has little influence with them.
49 Indulgence to প্রশ্রয় Never give indulgence to your son.
50 Indulgence in আসক্তি He has a little indulgence in wine.
51 Intimacy with ঘনিষ্টতা The man had no intimacy with them.
52 Interest in কৌতুহল Rafiq has interest in history.
53 Key to উপায়ে Hard work is the key to success.
54 Liking for অনুরাগ He has a liking for art.
55 Motive for অভিসন্ধি The man was found to have a motive for misdeed.
56 Need for প্রয়োজন I have no need for your assistance.
57 Necessity for প্রয়োজন Intellect is necessity for prosperity.
58 Obstacle to বাধা Poverty is an obstacle to social reform.
59 Passion for আসক্তি I have a passion for reading novel.
60 Pride in গর্ব Rafiq took pride in his success.
61 Proficiency in ব্যুৎপত্তি The scholer had proficiency in language.
62 Pretext for ছল She went away on the partext for bringing water.
63 Preventive of নিবারক Exercise is preventive of many diseases.
64 Remedy for প্রতিকার We have no find a remedy for our proverty.
65 Respect for সম্মান Every one has a great respect for their parents.
66 Slave to বশীভূত Never be a slave to your passion.
67 Stimulus to উদ্দীপনা His hard work gave stimulus to his success.
68 Sympathy for সহানুভূতি Rafiq had a sympathy for the poor.
69 Taste of স্বাদ The test of hilsa fish is good.
70 Taste for পছন্দ From the childhood he developed a teste for poetry.
71 Trust in বিশ্বাস Nobody trusts in his work.
72 Victim to বলি The widow was a victim to her folly.
1 Absent from অনুপস্থিত Lily was absent from college.
2 Absorbed in মগ্ন Newton used to be absorbed in thought.
3 Accompanied by সংগে লওয়া The king went hunting accompanied by three men.
4 Accountable to দায়ী I am not accountable to his misconduct.
5 Adapted to উপযোগী These parts were adapted to the machine.
6 Addicted to আসক্ত He was addicted to smoke.
7 Adequate to পর্যাপ্ত The supply or drinking water is adequate to our locality.
8 Adjacent to সংলগ্ন Her house is adjacent to her college.
9 Accustomed to অভ্যস্ত Abul is accustomed to hard work.
10 Alive to জ্ঞাত He was alive to my presence.
11 Alien to বিরোধী Indulgence of alcohol is alien to the nature.
12 Angry with রাগান্বিত My father was angry with me for my misconduct.
13 Anxious about চিন্তিত My parents were anxious about my health.
14 Anxious for আগ্রহশীল My father was anxious for my letter.
15 Ashamed of লজ্জিত Mamun was ashamed of his deed.
16 Astonished at বিস্মিত He was astonished at her ignorance.
17 Appropriate to উপযুক্ত The answer is quite appropriate to the question.
18 Aware of অবগত I was aware of his position.
19 Attentive to মনোযোগী Rafiq was always attentive to his lessons.
20 Accomplished in নিপুন The man was accomplished in his work.
21 Ambitious of উচ্চাকাঙ্খী Every student should be ambitious of success.
22 Attached to সংলগ্ন Her house is attached to mine.
23 Allotted to বিলিকৃত The foods were allotted to the poor.
24 Based on প্রতিষ্ঠিত His success was based on course.
25 Beloved of প্রিয় Sheikh Mujib was beloved of his countrymen.
26 Bereft of বঞ্চিত The child was bereft of his parents.
27 Beneficial to উপকারী The cow is beneficial to us.
28 Beset with পরিবৃত The town was beset with various problem.
29 Blind to উদাসীন No parents should be blind to their children’s faults.
30 Born of জাত Nazrul was born of a poor family.
31 Bound for দিকে/গমনোদ্যত The bus is bound for Khulna.
32 Bound by আবদ্ধ I am bound by my promise to serve my relatives.
33 Busy at ব্যস্ত I found him busy at his work.
34 Boastful of গর্বিত He is boastful of his success.
35 Callous to উদাসীন She is callous to her dress up.
36 Congenial to উপযোগী Rainy season is congenial to the growth of paddy.
37 Conscious of সচেতন He was conscious of his work.
38 Content with সন্তুষ্ট I am content with what I have.
39 Competent for যোগ্য The officer is competent for the post.
40 Capable of সমর্থ Liton was capable of doing hard work.
41 Close to সন্নিহিত Alam was close to me.
42 Consisted with সুসঙ্গত The words were consisted with his work.
43 Contrary to বিরোধী She did something which was contrary to my approach.
44 Composed of গঠিত A man is composed of various qualities.
45 Careful of about সতর্ক The passerby was careful of the ruffian about its mischief.
46 Crowned with পুরস্কৃত The king was crowned with the heartiest reception.
47 Confined to বন্দী The patient was confined to bed.
48 Deaf to অনিচ্ছুক The mother was deaf to hear her son’s fault.
49 Devoid of বিহীন Nobody should be devoid of manners.
50 Deficient in কাঁচা Babul is found to be deficient in English.
51 Delighted with আনন্দিত We felt delighted with his success.
52 Detrimental to ক্ষতিকর Smoking is detrimental to health.
53 Different to বিভিন্ন His idology is different to mine.
54 Disappointed at হতাশ Kabir was disappointed at his failure.
55 Displeased with অসন্তুষ্ট The teacher was displeased with his behavior.
56 Disqualified for অযোগ্য Ramiz was disqualified for the post.
57 Due to প্রদেয় A handsome money is due to Faruque.
58 Desponded of হতাশ Never be desponded of success.
59 Dull at মন্থর The student is dull at his work.
60 Eager for ব্যগ্র The student should always be eager for learning.
61 Envious of ঈর্ষান্বিত Jalal is envious of Karim’s success.
62 Engaged in ব্যপৃত Safique is engaged in serving the people.
63 Essential for অত্যাবশ্যক Water is essential for life.
64 Equivalent to সমতুল্য One dollar is equivalent to eighty tk.
65 Eligible for যোগ্য Rafiq is eligible for the post.
66 Enamoured of মোহিত Everybody is enamoured of the girl.
67 Equal to সমান His position is equal to me.
68 Faithful to বিশ্বাসভাজন The servant was faithful to his master.
69 Familiar to পরিচিত Masud is quite familiar to me.
70 Famous for প্রসিদ্ধ Agra is famous for Tajmahal.
71 Full of পরিপূর্ণ Our river is full of fish.
72 Filled with পূর্ণ Her eyes were filed with tears.
73 Fond of অনুরক্ত Children are fond of sweets.
74 Fit for যোগ্য Liton is fit for the post.
75 Free from মুক্ত He was free from all prejudices.
76 Grateful to কৃতজ্ঞ I am grateful to him.
77 Guilty of দোষী He is proved guilty of smuggling.
78 Greedy of লোভী Many men are greedy of wealth.
79 Hard of কানে খাটো The man is hard of hearing.
80 Ignorant of অজ্ঞ Many men of our country are ignorant of law.
81 Infested with উপদ্রুত The house is infested with rates.
82 Indifferent to উদাসীন You can not be indifferent to your parents.
83 Intimate with ঘনিষ্ঠ Nafiz was intimate with Lubna.
84 Informed of সংবাদপ্রাপ্ত The passer by informed the police of the occurrence.
85 Interested in আগ্রহী I was not interested in that matter.
86 Involved in/with জড়িত The robber was involved in the murder with the servant.
87 Irrelevant to অপ্রাসঙ্গিক Whatever he says is quite irrelevant to this point.
88 Jealous of ঈর্ষান্বিত He was jealous of my success.
89 Known to পরিচিত Nazrul was known to the Bengali for his achievement.
90 Lacking in অভাবগ্রস্থ Kabir was always lacking in good manners.
91 Lavish of অপচয়ী He is always lavish of money.
92 Lost of বর্জিত He is lost of all sense of same.
93 Mindful of যত্নবান Mizan was always mindful of his business.
94 Noted for প্রসিদ্ধ Leo Tolstoy was noted for his literary work.
95 Negligent of অবহেলা পরায়ণ He is not negligent of his duty.
96 Obedient to বাধ্য The boy was obedient to his parents.
97 Offended with/at অসন্তুষ্ট The director was offended with the manager.
98 Over come with মুহ্যমান We should over come with various difficulties.
99 Observant of পালনকারী Every man must be observant of his duty.
100 Open to উন্মুক্ত The tournament is open to all.
101 Overwhelmed with অভিভূত She was overwhelmed with his speech.
102 Proud of গর্বিত We are proud of our culture.
103 Preferable to বরনীয় Death is preferable to dishonor.
104 Pleased with সন্তুষ্ট Alamin was pleased with his result.
105 Popular for জনপ্রিয় He was popular for his honesty.
106 Partial to পক্ষপাতী A Judge should not be partial to anybody.
107 Qualified for উপযুক্ত The applicant is qualified for the post.
108 Quick at নিপুন Masum is quick at his work.
109 Quick of তৎপর He is rather quick of mind.
110 Remote from দূরবর্তী The village is remote from the town.
111 Reckless of বেপরোয়া He did the work himself reckless of consequences.
112 Rich in সমৃদ্ধ USA is rich in industries.
113 Responsible for দামী Abul is not responsible for the loss.
114 Relevant to প্রাসাঙ্গিক His answer is quite relevant to the question.
115 Sanguine of আশান্বিক Every one seems to be sanguine to the success.
116 Surprised at আশ্চার্যন্বিত Karim was greatly surprised at his stupidity.
117 Studded with খচিত Her neckless is studded with pearls.
118 Sick of/at বিরক্ত I am sick of town life at its line.
119 Sufficient for যথেষ্ঠ They are not sufficient for the work.
120 Stained in রন্জ্ঞিত His shirt was stained in blood.
121 Stained with কলঙ্কের চিহ্ন Her character is stained with stigma.
122 Similar to সদৃশ্য This question is similar to that.
123 Tired of বিরক্ত She is tired of hard work.
124 Unfit for অযোগ্য He is unfit for the post.
125 Vain of অহংকারী The man is vain of his property.
126 Versed in দক্ষ Nazrul was versed in poetry.
127 Veiled in আবৃত Life is ever veiled in mystery.
128 Vested in ন্যস্ত The responsibility is vested in her.
129 Weary of ক্লান্ত His father is weary of sea life.
130 Worthy of উপযুক্ত His literary works are worthy of praise.
131 Weak from দুর্বল The boy is weak from starvation.
1 Abide in বাস করা Fishes abide in ponds.
2 Abide with সংগে থাকা I shall always abide in my friends.
3 Abide by মানিয়া চলা Every body should abide by the rules of law.
4 Abound in প্রচুর পরিমানে থাকা Fish abounds in this pond.
5 Abound with পূর্ণ থাকা The forest abounds with various animals.
6 Abstain from বিরত থাকা Everyone should abstain from smoking.
7 Accede to সম্মত হওয়া She acceded to my proposal.
8 Account for কৈফিয়ত চাওয়া You must account for your misconduct to him.
9 Accuse of অভিযোগ করা The fellow was accused of theft.
10 Adhere to লাগিয়া থাকা Why do you adhere to me?
11 Admit into প্রবেশ করতে দেওয়া She got herself admitted into class seven.
12 Admit to ভর্তি হওয়া The boy was admitted to school.
13 Admit of সহ্য করা Her conducts admitted of no excuse.
14 Agree to সম্মত হওয়া He agreed to my proposal.
15 Aim at লক্ষ্য He aimed the stone at my head.
16 Answer to/for জবাবদিহি করা The criminal answered to the question for the murderer.
17 Apologise to/for ক্ষমা চাওয়া The personnel apologised to his boss for misconducts.
18 Appeal to/for আবেদন করা The convict appealed to high court for some privilege.
19 Appeal to/against পূর্ণবার বিচার প্রার্থী হওয়া You have the right to appeal to high court against the verdict.
20 Appear to প্রতীয়মান হওয়া All of this appeared to me wrong.
21 Appear in প্রকাশিত হওয়া My article on socialism appeared in the Ittefaq.
22 Appear before হাজির হওয়া The convict appeared before the court.
23 Apply to/for আবেদন করা The applicant applied to the authority for the job.
24 Apply to প্রয়োগ করা This technique can not be applied to that problem.
25 Appoint to নিয়োগ করা The authority appointed him to the post.
26 Approve of অনুমোদন করা The headmaster approved of my book.
27 Aspire after আকাঙ্খা করা Never aspire after wealth.
28 Ask of/for চাওয়া The poor man asked of me for money.
29 Attend at গমন করা He attends at the office regularity.
30 Attend to মনোযোগ দেওয়া Students should attend to there teacher in the class.
31 Attend on সেবা করা The patient needs to be attent on.
32 Avenge on/for প্রতিশোধ গ্রহন করা He avenged on the man for his father’s death.
33 Belong to অধিকারে থাকা The pen belong to me.
34 Beg of/for চাওয়া He begged excuse of her for his conduct.
35 Beware of সতর্ক Beware of pickpockets.
36 Believe in আস্থা স্থাপন করা I do notbelieve in her.
37 Boast of গর্ব করা I have nothing to boast of.
38 Blame for দোষারোপ করা I can not blame you for her miconduct.
39 Charge for মূল্য চাওয়া The shopkeaper demeanded heavy charge for the shirt.
40 Charge on/with অভিযুক্ত হওয়া The victim charged on him with sufficient clue.
41 Compare with সদৃশ তুলনা You can not compare Nazrul with Samsur Rahman.
42 Compare to ভিন্ন ধর্মী তুলনা In the poem the cloud is compared to cotton.
43 Comply with রক্ষা করা All orders have to be complied with the law.
44 Complain to/against/for অভিযোগ করা The guardian complained to my teacher againest me for my misconduct.
45 Compensate for ক্ষতিপূরণ করা You had to compensate for the loss.
46 Condemn to/for দন্ড দেওয়া The criminal was condemned to death for sever offence.
47 Confer with/about পরামর্শ করা I confer with my father about my admission in college.
48 Condole with on সহানুভূতি প্রকাশ করা I condoled with her on her mother’s death.
49 Confide to বিশ্বাস করে বলা I always confied to my friend.
50 Confide in বিশ্বাস করা Never confied in a cheated.
51 Congratulate on অভিনন্দন দেওয়া I congratulated Rafiz on his success.
52 Connive at উপেক্ষা করা How dare he connives at my orders.
53 Consist of গঠিত হওয়া Our family consists of seven members.
54 Consist in নিহিত হওয়া Happiness consist in simplicity.
55 Consult with পরামর্শ করা I consulted with a physician.
56 Convict of অভিযুক্ত করা He has been convicted of smuggling.
57 Count on নির্ভর করা Personality counts on how a person behaves.
58 Cure of আরোগ্য করা Medicine cures us of diseases.
59 Coincide with মিলিয়ে যাওয়া My date of birth coincide with his.
60 Cling to আকড়াইয়া থাকা Every where in Bangladesh men cling to the tradition.
61 Cease from বিরত থাকা The Mazor ordered the soldier to cease from fire.
62 Correspond with যোগাযোগ করা When I was far, I corresponded with my parents.
63 Decide to মনস্থ করা They decided to go with me on behalf of my favour.
64 Depand on/for নির্ভর করা I depend on my father for my expenditure.
65 Deprive of বঞ্চিত করা The boy was deprived of his parents.
66 Desist from বিরত থাকা Lastly he desisted from killing his opponent.
67 Despair of নিরাশ হওয়া Never despair of failure.
68 Deter from নিরুৎসাহ করা One should not deter a child from learning.
69 Deviate from বিচ্যুত হওয়া The ship was deviated from the course.
70 Devote to আত্মউৎসর্গ করা Umar devoted all his time and life to the people.
71 Deal in ব্যবসা করা Mamun deals in salt.
72 Deal with ব্যবহার করা He deals with me nicely.
73 Dedicate to উৎসর্গ করা Sheikh Mujib dedicated his life to country men.
74 Debar from বঞ্চিত করা Jalal debars his son from property.
75 Die of রোগে মরা The poor woman died of cholera.
76 Die by ইচ্ছাকৃত মরা The girl died by hanging.
77 Die for আত্মত্যাগ করা Mohiuddin died for the freedom of the country.
78 Die from বিভিন্ন কারনে মরা Hasan died from over eating.
79 Differ with on ভিন্নমত হওয়া I differ with Liton on a vital issue.
80 Differ from বিভিন্ন হওয়া His opinion differed from mine.
81 Divert from অন্যদিকে চালিত করা My attention was diverted from the mainpoint.
82 Dwell in বাস করা Lions dwell in the forest.
83 Dwell on আলোচনা করা The speaker dwell on the question.
84 Escape from পলায়ন করা No body will escape from death.
85 Explain to ব্যাখ্যা করা I explained my policy to him.
86 Exempt from অব্যাহতি দেওয়া All late comers are exempted from the fine.
87 Feed on খাইয়া বাচা We feed on rice.
88 Feed with খাওয়ানো The mother feeds her baby with milk.
89 Feel for/in সমব্যাথী হওয়া I felt for her in her mother’s death.
90 Glance at দৃষ্টিপাত করা The teacher glanced at my paper.
91 Hanker after লালসা করা Never hanker after wealth.
92 Hope for আশা করা Every one hopes for wages.
93 Impose on আরোপ করা TAX was imposed on the subjects.
94 Impress on/with প্রভাবিত করা Foreign culture impressed on us with a great force.
95 Include in অন্তর্ভুক্ত করা He included more points in the resulation.
96 Inquire after কুশলাদি জানা Mamun inquired after my health.
97 Inquire of/about জিজ্ঞাসা করা Mr. Harun inquired of me about my health.
98 Inquire into তদন্ত করা The pollice officer inquired into the matter.
99 Inspire with অনুপ্রানিত করা The teacher inspired his pupils with hope.
100 Insist on জোর দিয়ে বলা He insisted me on going there.
101 Invited to নিমন্ত্রণ করা Rahim invited me to his house.
102 Inform of জানান The manager informed the authority of the situation.
103 Involved in জড়িত The man was involved in smuggling.
104 Issue from বহির্গত  হওয়া The canel issued from river.
105 Laugh at বিদ্রুপ করা Never lough at the poor.
106 Leave for প্রস্থান করা The bus left for khulna in time.
107 Lean upon ঠেস দেওয়া The sick man leaned upon my arm.
108 Listen to মনোযোগ দেওয়া Listen to what your teachers says.
109 Live at/in বাস করা The man lives at wari in Dhaka.
110 Live by কষ্টে জীবিকা Every man should live by work.
111 Live on খাইয়া বাঁচা The cow lives on grass.
112 Live for আকাঙ্খায় থাকা We live for better days.
113 Mourn for শোক করা Every body mourned for Barkat.
114 Object to আপত্তি করা I strongly object to your way of approaching.
115 Owe to ঋনী হওয়া It is not good to owe to others.
116 Partake of অংশগ্রহন করা I partook of the break fast with him.
117 Persevere in পুন পুন চেষ্টা করা He persevered in recovering his country from enemy.
118 Persist in জিদ ধরা She persisted in going there.
119 Preside over সভাপতিত্ব করা The chairman presided over the meeting.
120 Prepare for প্রস্তুত করা We should always prepare for the worst.
121 Prevail upon মত করান He could not prevail upon me.
122 Prevail over জয়ী হওয়া Virtue will prevail over evils one day.
123 Prevail with ফল প্রাপ্ত হওয়া He did not prevail with me.
124 Prevail againest পরাভূত হওয়া We must prevail againest our enemy.
125 Prevent from প্রতিরোধ করা Vitamin prevents us from diseases.
126 Proceed againest মামলা করা Uncle was compelled to process against his neighbour.
127 Proceed with চালাইয়া যাওয়া The court proceeded with the case.
128 Provide for কারো জন্য সঞ্চয় Every body should provide for future.
129 Provide againest দুর্দিনের জন্য সঞ্চয় Ants provided food against rainy days.
130 Provide with সরবরাহ করা The poor were provided with food.
131 Protest againest প্রতিবাদ করা I protested against his wrong decision.
132 Point at নির্দেশ করা The speaker pointed at the mother to the audience.
133 Point to স্পষ্ট করে দেখান I pointed the matter to him.
134 Refrain from বিরত থাকা The man refrained from drinking alchohol.
135 Repentant of অনুতাপ করা The sinner became repentant of heresy.
136 Recover from আরোগ্য লাভ করা The patient recovered from illness.
137 Relieve from মুক্ত করা The debtor was relieved from all obligations.
138 Remind of স্মরণ করা I reminded her of her certain drawbacks.
139 Result from উৎপন্ন হওয়া Blind belief results from idle brain.
140 Result in পর্যবষিত হওয়া All his attempts resulted in failure.
141 Ratire from অবসর গ্রহণ করা His father retired from service.
142 Retire to শয়ন করা After working hard he retire to bed.
143 Respond to সাড়া দেওয়া Alam responds to my letter.
144 Rest with নির্ভর করা Everything rest with his reaction to it.
145 Rescue from উদ্ধার করা The wanded passanger were rescued from the bridge
146 Revenge upon/for প্রতিশোধ নেওয়া Abul revenged upon Karim for his father death.
147 Rejoice in আনন্দ করা The team rejoiced in its victory.
148 Relate to সংশ্লিষ্ট হওয়া All his questions are related to that matter.
149 Resolve on মনস্থ করা I resolved on going there.
150 Restrict to সীমাবদ্ধ করা The zone were restricted to the public.
151 Remark upon মন্তব্য করা Father remarked upon my failure.
152 Save from রক্ষা করা We will must save our country from enemy.
153 Search for সন্ধান করা The police officer searched for the thief.
154 Search out খুজে বের করা The criminal was searched out at last.
155 Search into তদন্ত করা The authority Searched into the murder case.
156 Sent for কাউকে ডেকে পাঠানো Father sent for me in a hurry.
157 Suffer for শাস্তি পাওয়া Everybody must suffer for whatever he has done.
158 Sacrifice to বলি দেওয়া All of us should sacrifice our life to honesty.
159 Steal into চুপিসারে প্রবেশ The leader stole into the meeting.
160 Steal upon ধিরে ধিরে আসা A slow and gradual change stole upon her.
161 Stare at তাকিয়ে থাকা The new comer stared at me.
162 Stare in প্রতিয়মান হওয়া Death stared him in the face.
163 Start for স্থানে যাত্রা করা The procession started for the paltan.
164 Start at চমকিত হওয়া Rima started at the proposal for change.
165 Sneer at আজ্ঞা করা Babul was not a man to be sneered at.
166 Succeed in কৃতকার্য হওয়া He succeeded in the final examination.
167 Succeed to উত্তরাধিকারী হওয়া The sun succeeded to his father.
168 Subsist on খেয়ে বাঁচা We subsist on rice.
169 Sail for জাহাজে যাত্রা করা Sinbad sailed for his motherland after a long stay.
170 Shoot at গুলি করা The hunter shoot at the tiger.
171 Side against বিরোধিতা করা In the election he sided against me.
172 Subscribe to চাঁদা দেওয়া Many workers subscribed to the fund.
173 Submit to নতি শিকার করা In spite of giving more advice, he would not submit.
174 Temper with হস্তক্ষেপ করা He did not temper with that matter.
175 Testify to প্রদান করা The papers were testified to the students.
176 Touch at থামা The train does not touch at all stations.
177 Touch upon আলোচনা করা The speaker touches upon all the relavents points.
178 Treat to খাওয়ানো The guests were treated to snacks.
179 Trade in ব্যবসা করা Mr. Hasan trades in cements.
180 Trust to নির্ভর করা Never trust to a liar.
181 Vary from অমিল হওয়া My openion varied from his.
182 Warn of সতর্ক করে দেওয়া I warned him of the danger.
183 Wait for অপেক্ষা করা Why do you wait for me.
184 Wait upon পরিচর্যা করা The patients need to be waited upon.
185 Wonder at বিস্মিত হওয়া I wondered at his sheer ignorance.
186 Yield to বশ্যতা স্বীকার করা The enemy yielded to us at last.

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